Dylan Cease asking price is exactly what it needs to be

The reported asking price for Dylan Cease is a good sign for the White Sox.
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox / Nuccio DiNuzzo/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox have decisions to make during the offseason. While having Dylan Cease would certainly make them better than if they didn't have him, it could be a good idea to move on from him.

The front office hasn't shown a willingness to spend money thus far, which indicates that they likely aren't serious about contending in 2024. The team could, at the very least, win the AL Central if they add decent players this offseason. Instead, it looks like they'll do the opposite.

Moving Cease would hurt for more reasons that one. He's a controllable ace level talent that has found success pitching in Chicago. Those aren't always easy to find, but that's what makes his trade value even higher.

Speaking of trade value, Jason Williams of Cincinnati.com reported that the White Sox are looking for a huge haul for Cease.

"I know the White Sox were asking the Reds a crazy price for Dylan Cease. Chicago wanted Edwin Arroyo, Rhett Lowder, Connor Phillips and at least one more prospect. Do they think Krall is Santa Claus? That’s enough to put you on the naughty list all by itself. If you’re going to spend that much, go get Houston’s Framber Valdez. He’s an All-Star workhorse."

Lowder (#2 in the Cincinnati Reds system), Arroyo (#3), and Phillips (#4) are all top 70 prospects, according to MLB.com.

The ask from Chicago is certainly a ton. However, an arm similar to Cease can put a team over the top. For a Reds team that needs starting pitching, asking for three of their top prospects isn't the craziest thing to hear. Plus, this was likely a starting point as Chicago wanted to see if they could get Cincinnati to make a deal that they weren't comfortable making.

This should continue to be the asking price for the White Sox. If a team wants to give them a haul that they can't say decline, moving Cease would be the right move.