Dylan Cease's comments speak volumes about the Chicago White Sox

Dylan Cease's comments speak volumes about the state of the Chicago White Sox.
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Dylan Cease is back in town. He isn't here to play the Chicago White Sox but he will be at Wrigley Field to take on the Chicago Cubs.

Cease is scheduled to pitch against the Cubs on Wednesday. Of course, the Cubs drafted Cease before trading him to the White Sox with Eloy Jimenez in the 2017 trade for Jose Quintana.

With Cease being back in Chicago, he was naturally going to be asked questions about his time with the White Sox. His answers were very telling about the state of the organization.

The 2023 season "wasn't enjoyable in really any way", according to Cease. That is not what you want to hear a former star player from the team say.

Dylan Cease's comments on the Chicago White Sox are not fun to hear

Cease wasn't as good in 2023 as he was in 2022 when he was a Cy Young runner-up but the rest of the team let him down in every way. It would have been much easier to pitch if he wasn't on one of the worst teams in the league.

The trade that sent Cease to San Diego took place during spring training and now he is in a much better situation. He seems to like what he has going on with the Padres.

Right now, Cease has a 4-2 record with a 2.55 ERA, 0.803 WHIP, and 48 strikeouts over 42.1 innings pitched. He looks a lot closer to being that stud we saw in 2022.

Cease had belief that the White Sox did what they needed to do in order to be a playoff team during his time there. He thinks that the talent was good enough but they just didn't get it together.

"I still think that in the minds of a lot of people we had a really good chance to compete," Cease said. "I think we feel like we took a chance to compete and we just didn't put it together. We had a really bad year and it obviously kind of led to the need to kind of redo everything."

This ultimately falls on the front office just as much as it does for the playoffs. It doesn't feel good to see Cease in another uniform but it needed to be done.