Why it is easy to be a hater towards the Chicago White Sox

Quinn Harris/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are off to a historically bad start. They went 6-21 in April. They finished 6-24 over their first 30 games.

That is the worst start in White Sox history. The Sox may not have the history on par with the New York Yankees, but the franchise has been around since 1900 and has never started a season this bad.

If you dare point out just how embarrassing this team is, then you are considered a hater. At least that is what new television play-by-play voice John Schriffen thinks. He brought up the haters when Andrew Benintendi smashed a walk-off home run on Saturday.

Then he sort of started a small social media civil war among the White Sox community when he tweeted more about the haters. Some thought he was talking about a fanbase upset with all this losing.

Schriffen clarified to MLB.com White Sox beat reporter Scott Merkin that he was not talking about the fans jaded by owner Jerry Reinsdorf and a franchise that went from winning the AL Division title in 2021 to being one of the worst teams in baseball in two years.

“It’s just one of those moments where it was like, ‘This is who this team is and for all those people who are talking crap about the White Sox, we’ve got something ready for you this season.’ That’s the haters, all the people who are piling in on the jokes.”

Here is the thing, the jokes are deserved.

This team does not play winning baseball outside of a three-game sweep of the Tampa Bay Rays.

Heck, it was considered an embarrassment by some in the Tampa media community that the Sox won even a game against the Rays, let alone many.

It seems like nothing has gone well ever since the ball landed in an Iowa cornfield after Tim Anderson's walk-off homer in the 2021 Field of Dreams game.

The players can work hard as much as they want, but it is not bringing any wins to the standings. The defense was supposed to be better this season, but they are still making bad errors that lead to crippling runs. Andrew Benintendi could have thrown to the cutoff man last night and instead sailed a throw that allowed a go-ahead run to get into scoring position.

The Twins have exposed the Sox bullpen in the seven games they have faced. It is a big reason the Sox cannot beat Minnesota this season.

There is nothing wrong with having a glass-half-full outlook especially since the Sox have some exciting young pitching prospects.

Wanting everyone to be all sunshine and rainbows, especially since the White Sox cannot even beat teams in their division, is just foolish. It is also blindly following what Reinsdorf wants.

He conducted the worst general manager search ever when he did not interview a single candidate and just promoted Chris Getz to the job even though he was unqualified. The idea was Getz knew the team inside and out and could turn things around quickly.

Well, things have gotten even worse.

Plus, he is letting a manager way in over his head continue to lead this team in Pedro Grifol. It is not being a hater if someone or something makes it easy to hate them like the White Sox have done.