Elvis Andrus was a must needed addition for the White Sox in 2023

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We have entered the month of March which means baseball season is right around the corner. Spring Training is hopefully a start to an excellent year for the Chicago White Sox after suffering for 162 games last season.

With Jose Abreu departing from the south side, the roster needed a veteran piece showing abundant leadership.

Signing Elvis Andrus could have been the most significant move the White Sox made throughout the off-season, for that matter. Andrus will bring leadership, empathy, and positivity to a clubhouse that, at some points last season, so desperately needed one.

Elvis has some high praise for the roster he is a part of this season. If you want another believer of the 2023 White Sox added to the list, Andrus is one of them.

The Chicago White Sox have high hopes for Elvis Andrus in 2023.

Elvis Andrus is bringing the energy back to Chicago in 2023 and he expects everyone in his club to do the same.

If anyone is doubting the White Sox for 2023, Andrus brought some words of encouragement that might tell people otherwise in his conversation with Chuck Garfien on the White Sox Talk Podcast.

Elvis started talking about his new position as a second baseman. He admitted that it's "a little weird," but he doesn't plan to take long to adjust to it.

Andrus has been a presence in the league for a long time and the White Sox knew he could handle changing to a new position once both parties signed to bring him back.

Elvis enjoys the position and should be an efficient defensive player throughout 2023. He has also shown a great quality glove thus far during spring training play at the position.

As long as Elvis Andrus is in the lineup, he doesn't care what position he is playing, and he is great to be back on the south side of Chicago, this time for a whole 162-game season.

Andrus didn't sign just for the three-million-dollar deal. He did it to win a championship. Andrus sacrificing his position and usual paycheck to play for the White Sox shows how valuable he believes this team is.

He's looking forward to competing with the entire roster in 2023. Elvis even compared the 2023 White Sox to his earlier days with the Texas Rangers.

2022 is now a reflection of not being prepared enough. Andrus said it was a team that wasn't united, leading to the 81-81 overall season.

The Cleveland Guardians were the ones that showed up and they beat the White Sox throughout all of 2022, leading them to the AL Central division title.

Andrus will tip his cap and move into the new season. As expected, the energy has changed during spring training as they are 29 days away from Opening Day.

Many guys have something to prove, and Elvis describes this year as "unique" due to many guys pushing to return to where they were at one point in their careers.

Andrus has a feeling that a majority of those guys are going to accomplish their goals and unite all as one again. Everyone is tuned in and focused, and Elvis appreciates the culture being represented early.

Elvis expects the White Sox and Guardians to go to war this year. He feels much better about his team after seeing everything going on during February and the start of March. Elvis is ready for the competitive nature of the AL Central.

A team needs more than one leader and Elvis knows he will be one of them. He is a vocal guy and is always ready to lead by example for the younger guys in the organization.

Elvis is prepared to tell people they are doing something wrong in a good way. He wants his team to learn throughout 2023 and he's excited to give advice and even more himself from his peers. This team has a variety of players and Andrus wants to push everyone to play to the best of their ability.

Andrus knows the White Sox are in the mix for doing some damage and he's ecstatic to be a member of a team that needs to bring it all together to operate.

The world doesn't know what version of the White Sox we will get in 2023. The organization/roster has high aspirations, potentially leading to an AL Central division title and a possible playoff run.

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