A final look at the Chicago White Sox 2024 draft strategy

The Chicago White Sox have three long-term needs they must address in the upcoming draft.
Chicago White Sox v San Francisco Giants
Chicago White Sox v San Francisco Giants / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox farm system has improved greatly thanks to some of the recent trades and acquisitions that they have made.

The team is doing well at keeping talent moving and going up and down from the minors to the majors. The White Sox have improved, although no one can see it, over the last few weeks thanks to some of the younger guys, especially pitchers, on the team.

Youth runs rampant in the minor leagues of course. The White Sox are poised to add some additional depth to their minor league system in this year’s 2024 Major League Baseball Draft.

There is a lot of good talent available in this draft and the White Sox are in a position to take advantage of it.

But the usual questions come up. There is thought about who the best player is. Perhaps there is someone that the White Sox should key in on or someone that they should avoid.

As we head into the final week before the MLB draft, we are going to cross our fingers with the hopes that the White Sox can do well in the draft. The Sox must get some great talent out of this draft for them to keep their farm system stocked with good talent and get them headed in the right direction.

When looking at the Sox, we see three areas that are key when it comes to needs on the team. 

The first need is at third base.

With Yoan Moncada being perpetually injured and Lenyn Sosa, although he’s playing well, still somewhat of a wild card, the White Sox need to begin grooming a younger third baseman for their future needs.

They might take an interest in some of the talent that’s out there and pick up a future third baseman early on in the draft, perhaps as high as number five in the first round (where they will make their first-round selection).

A second need that the White Sox could have in the future is in the outfield.

If they let Luis Robert, Jr. go via trade and make some other moves in the outfield, it’s possible that there could be a talent void out there. This is why they must start looking for some help in the outfield now. It’s never that early to try to find talent and with this draft, they may be able to get the guy that could become the next Luis Robert, Jr.

Pitching is always something that this team can use.

It’s pitching that will help them get over the hump and get into the playoffs. The White Sox have good pitching now but they are just a trade or two away from damaging what they have and having to go back to the well to fill up on pitchers. Some of their younger talent is promising and could be the future for the Sox on the mound. Look for them to pick up some pitching talent in the draft, in any round, and continue to build toward a solid future at the pitcher position.

The White Sox need to nail this draft. They need to do very well if they are going to win in the future. There are some good pieces to the puzzle and they need to find those pieces and get them ready. They cannot fail. They must get great pieces to help them move in the right direction.