The future of Gavin Sheets with the Chicago White Sox

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The Chicago White Sox were thought to have a bevy of talent heading into the 2023 season, talent that would carry them into the 2023 postseason. However, it was not meant to be and the White Sox failed to make the playoffs. In fact, they failed miserably. Now, they must focus on 2024 and prepare to build a winning organization.

Gavin Sheets is likely someone that the White Sox will consider to be a part of their future for 2024. Although it’s a little unpredictable what General Manager Chris Getz will do to fix the team (is he going to go with a youth movement or will he stick with what he has already and tweak a few things?). He’s new but also was part of the Rick Hahn and Kenny Williams regime. Will he do what they did?

It’s too difficult to tell at this time just what Getz is going to do but we can certainly try to predict what his angle might be on several players, including Sheets.

Sheets ended the year with 311 at-bats, 63 hits, and 24 runs. He cranked out 10 home runs and 43 runs batted in with one stolen base. His average was .203, his OBP was .287 and his OPS was .598.

The Chicago White Sox are hoping that Gavin Sheets becomes a good player.

Does Sheets have a future with the White Sox in 2024? He most certainly does but it depends on which way the Sox want to go.

Do they want to go with a youth movement and bring in younger players to start another rebuild or will they stock the cupboard with veterans that will give them just a few years of solid play before they go by the wayside?

If the White Sox were smart, they would try to get as much young talent as they could starting a rebuilding process. I know that they have just gone through somewhat of a rebuilding process but I think they need another restart.

This will upset many fans as they thought the rebuild was already taking place but if last year’s performance was any indication, that was not the case. The White Sox still have a lot of work to do.

I believe that Sheets fits into the White Sox scheme for the future. I do believe that he might be on a bit of a short leash, however, because if his production doesn’t increase, he might be headed back down to the minors. Sheets has power, he just has to make contact with the ball and make something happen.

As far as his defensive skills go, Sheets is valuable because he can play a couple of different positions. The White Sox must enjoy that versatility and will feel it’s important to keep him, partially because of that.

Sheets has been a fixture on the team for a couple of years now and there is no way that he’s going anywhere anytime soon. He’s going to end up on the roster and provide the White Sox with some solid play over the course of the 2024 season. I feel that Sheets is going to have a breakout season in 2024 and will end up being someone that the Sox can rely on to help them win games next season. 

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