Grading 3 Chicago White Sox offseason moves after the start of the 2024 season

There were so many offseason moves, so let's look at three that will impact the team's future.
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Dylan Cease Trade gets a B.

This was the biggest offseason move that the White Sox made. They had pretty much gutted much of their pitching staff and it made sense for them to try to get as much out of the star pitcher as they could. Now the jury is still out on the guys they got in return for Cease but the move itself made sense.

Why not an A? Why not an F? As stated, the move made sense for a team that was trying to get as much out of some of its current players as possible.

The White Sox get a B for the players that they got. At first, some people weren’t high on the players that they got but now that emotions have settled and these guys have had some time to show us a little bit, things might not be so bad.

Having Cease was a luxury. He was a great player on a bad team and quite frankly, it made little sense for the White Sox to keep him. Getting as much out of him as they possible could was what was needed and it’s great that they were able to get it before he got hurt or played poorly (in the regular season).