Grading Michael Kopech's 2023 Chicago White Sox season

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The Chicago White Sox were one of the worst teams in the league during the 2023 MLB season. In fact, they were one of the four worst teams in the league. Nothing went right for them no matter how you look at it.

One player that didn't have a very good year was Michael Kopech. He is expected to be a front-of-the-rotation type of starter and wasn't that in 2023. There were times he did look like that guy but the overall body of work was not good.

Kopech, by the end of the year, was relegated back to the bullpen. He was outstanding out of the pen in 2021 but has fallen way off since making that transition back to being a starter. This offseason is going to be about seeing what it is that he needs to be successful.

They may decide to bring him back into the rotation but they could also decide that he is better suited for the bullpen long-term. Whatever they decide, they should stick with it no matter what in 2024. Kopech needs to get a role and go with it.

The Chicago White Sox clearly need more from Michael Kopech going forward.

In 2023, Kopech made 27 starts and came out of the bullpen three times. In all of those appearances combined, he had a 5.43 ERA and a record of 5-12. He did manage to have a WAR over 1 at 0.7 which tells you that he still does enough right to have confidence in him.

Kopech is one of the most talented pitchers in the White Sox organization. The team just hasn't seen him take that next step to use that talent to become elite. We can only hope that it happens soon.

2023 Final Grade: F

It doesn't matter that his WAR was over 1. He was truly terrible and took a step back this year. He has to get an F for his efforts. At this point, it is fair to be worried about him and his long-term future.

2024 Outlook:

The Chicago White Sox will use Michael Kopech in 2024 but he can't be in their long-term plans at this point in time. He will probably be back in the rotation but even that can't be banked on at this point. If he doesn't improve, 2024 will probably be his last chance.

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