Holiday wish list for the Chicago White Sox this MLB offseason

The Chicago White Sox have plenty on their wish list as they head into an MLB offseason with a pleth.
San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
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The holiday season is upon us and the Chicago White Sox are a team with a huge list of things that they need to do to make themselves a winner. 2023 wasn’t a good year by any means and we hope with some things checked off their holiday list, the White Sox will be able to return to form in 2024. That’s all that we can hope for, right?

Let’s look at the White Sox “Holiday List” and see what they need to become contenders in 2024.

The Battery

Pitching can always be added and the White Sox need to do just that. Yes, they have brought in some pitchers throughout the offseason that might pan out but none are big-name guys. They still have Dylan Cease, for now, but if they were to lose him, they would be stuck with a ton of questions in the rotation.

Getting additional pitching should be on their list and they can get some depth and strength back if they keep Cease and re-sign Mike Clevinger. They should try to bring him back for another year.

While it's unlikely they add someone of Blake Snell's class, an arm similar to him can be had for the White Sox if they're willing to pay.

As for the catching side of things, following the acquisition of Max Stassi, this may be less of a need, but the Sox still lack a “boomer” at catcher and may want to continue to look for some quality depth here.

Stassi is a promising player who has been in the league for ten years with three teams and possesses some experience. However, at 33 when the season starts, he's a bit on the older side.

The White Sox would be well served to continue to keep their eyes out for catchers this offseason and should a good one come about, they should grab him and cross the catcher position off of their holiday list.