Holiday wish list for the Chicago White Sox this MLB offseason

The Chicago White Sox have plenty on their wish list as they head into an MLB offseason with a pleth.
San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
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Middle Infield and a Reunion With an Old Face

Sure, they grabbed Paul DeJong, but they could be better served by looking at calling Colson Montgomery up from the minors as the season progresses.

It’s just about time that he made his way to the major leagues and the White Sox might be better with him in the lineup. Perhaps he could also play second base or DeJong could slide over to that spot.

The White Sox are going to need a second baseman, so moving a shortstop around might be beneficial. The White Sox did get Nicky Lopez as well and hopefully, he can do something to help this season. However, their best bet is to let Montgomery mature a bit and then bring him up, do some shuffling, and solidify the center of that defensive lineup.

The White Sox need a lot more out of designated hitter Eloy Jimenez. Jimenez has all the tools to be a great hitter, he just needs some inspiration and motivation.

He also needs to stay healthy. It seems like we hold our collective breaths every time he dashes to first base because he could pull a hamstring. He’s become somewhat fragile and the White Sox don’t need that kind of player.