Holiday wish list for the Chicago White Sox this MLB offseason

The Chicago White Sox have plenty on their wish list as they head into an MLB offseason with a pleth.
San Diego Padres v Chicago White Sox
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Pedro Grifol To Improve

Finally, we hope that current manager Pedro Grifol can step it up this season and manage much better than he did in 2023. It was his first year and while he's never been a big-league manager before, that doesn’t give him a pass to not act like one.

It’s clear to see that he has struggled in his role and because of that, the team struggled. It’s almost a bit of a surprise that the White Sox decided to keep him after the year that he had. I have a feeling that if Grifol can’t straighten up and manage right, he’s going to be gone at the end of 2024. You can almost bet on it.

There are plenty of question marks heading into the season with Grifol as the skipper. The biggest thing White Sox fans can ask for is improvement from him. If he can improve and win the clubhouse over, this could make the team play better.