How Mike Clevinger would fit into the Chicago White Sox starting rotation

Championship Series - San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four
Championship Series - San Diego Padres v Philadelphia Phillies - Game Four / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a very interesting team right now. They were 81-81 during the 2022 season which is a wild disappointment compared to the expectations that were placed on them coming into that season.

One thing they are trying to address is the fifth starter. There are rumors out there now that they are interested in Mike Clevinger. He is a free agent after a few years with the San Diego Padres following a deal with Cleveland.

Dallas Keuchel was supposed to be the fifth starter coming into 2022 but he was so bad that they eventually let him go. Thankfully, they had Johnny Cueto come in and make starts. In his role as the "fifth starter", he was actually their second-best pitcher.

It doesn't seem like the White Sox are going to bring him back so they are going to be looking elsewhere. Clevinger might actually be a risk worth taking at this point. We know the White Sox aren't going to spend lots of money otherwise.

The Chicago White Sox would look much better with Mike Clevinger.

If he were to be brought in, it is interesting to think about where he might fit into the rotation. There was a point in time when he would be the ace pitcher with an inside chance to represent them at the All-Star Game. Now, things might be a little bit different.

Dylan Cease would be the ace of the staff. He came in second place for the AL Cy Young in 2022 so it would be hard for anyone else to make that claim. The White Sox would have to sign a legend in order for someone not named Dylan Cease to make the Opening Day start.

Following that, Lance Lynn and Michael Kopech would have to be second and third. Clevinger would probably fit in as the number four while Lucas Giolito tries to have a comeback type of season as the number five guy. All of these pitchers have shown ace potential at one point or another.

The White Sox just want to make improvements to their team as best as they can. Rick Hahn doesn't have the best resources thanks to his owner but he will try to make do. We'll see if this Clevinger deal actually works out.

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