How some of the White Sox's top prospects may help them in 2024

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The Chicago White Sox may have one of the lowest-ranked farm systems in all of Major League Baseball, but that doesn’t mean that they are completely devoid of talent. There are some players out there who are just about ready to make their way to the majors as soon as 2024, and the White Sox could use them. The Sox could use everything that they can get right now, and the more top-of-the-line prospects they have, the better off they will be.

How some of Chicago’s top prospects may help them in 2024

One of the White Sox most well-known prospects, who is currently not that far from making his appearance in a big-league game is shortstop Colson Montgomery. After suffering some injuries to begin his minor league career, Montgomery started to tear things up a bit and make himself known to even casual White Sox fans. He hit .287/.455/.484 across three levels of the minor leagues this year. With Tim Anderson a free agent and the White Sox not strong at the shortstop position, Montgomery’s time might be coming. If he begins the minor league season playing as strong as he has, he will indeed be up for a promotion to the majors and could have a great impact on the White Sox in 2024.

Another prospect who is making waves in the White Sox farm system is left-handed pitcher Jake Eder. Eder is thought to be ready to make his debut in the majors sometime next season and the White Sox may require his services should they not be able to get additional pitching this offseason. The six-foot-four lefty could be just what the White Sox need to help bolster their pitching staff and make things better there.

The book on Eder is that he has had some struggles in the past and is coming off some injuries that kept him from pitching until just this past June. Why count on a pitcher who has had Tommy John surgery and a fracture in his left foot? This guy has talent and a lot of it. He just needs the blessing of good health and he could be a true and solid starter for the White Sox soon. Let’s see how he does early on in spring training and during his time in the minors to start. If he performs well, he just might be someone that the White Sox call upon to come in and help out as a “later in the rotation” starting pitcher.

Finally, another prospect that could come up and help the White Sox this year is right handed pitcher Matthew Thompson. Thompson is one of the White Sox better pitching prospects (and a good overall prospect) and is someone who just might be ready to come up to the majors and contribute in the near future. Some of the things that have been pointed out about Thompson is that he has a good fastball and is one of the most talented pitchers in the White Sox system. He appears to be one of the “readiest” of the White Sox farm pitchers to find his way to the big leagues.

The biggest problem with Thompson is that he lacks consistency. He’s up and down but has made some important progress with this over the last couple of seasons. Thompson’s improvement will only serve to help the White Sox down the road and may make them call him up to pitch in a pinch or come in and pitch for a longer stint.

The White Sox have more talent that many people think that they do and there are additional guys that could come up from the minors and play in the majors in 2024. We will keep an eye on those guys and see just who comes up and how they help.

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