Jake Burger should be playing every day for the Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates
Chicago White Sox v Pittsburgh Pirates / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox and their fans didn’t have to wait long for designated hitter Eloy Jimenez to land on the injured list.

Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before it happened. In his place, the White Sox called up Jake Burger. Burger seems to go up and down from the majors to the minors and back again, the most out of anyone on the roster.

Since coming up to the majors, Burger has been playing very well and has made a case to stay at Major League Baseball’s top level.

But what position would he have to play in order to stay on the roster? Jimenez is going to come back eventually and the White Sox aren’t going to put Burger ahead of him.

The Chicago White Sox are in need of Jake Burger's big-time bat in 2023.

That puts him out of the designated hitter spot. At Burger’s natural position of third base, you have Yoan Moncada who is playing well but he has to prove that he will stay playing well.

In fact, right now, Moncada is playing with a foot injury that hasn’t really hampered his ability to play (although he didn’t do that well in the series against the Pirates) but the White Sox may pull the plug on him at any moment to let him rest.

If they do that, then Burger would have a spot (at least temporarily) to get into play for the Sox for a time.

Still, doesn’t Burger need to be in the lineup full-time? Doesn’t he need to be playing full-time in the majors from this point forward? It seems that just about every time he comes up from the minors, he does something good and leaves us scratching our heads as to why he is even in the Minors.

Simply put, Burger needs to be a permanent fixture on the team and needs to start as often as he can in order to help make the White Sox offense even more effective.

While he hasn’t had that many at-bats so far this season, the ones he has taken do tell a little bit of a story and give us a reason why he should be up in the majors and at the plate on a regular basis.

Through the tenth game of the season, Burger has a total of eight at-bats with two runs and three hits.

He has brought in two runs and has a home run to his credit. Burger is batting .375 right now and has an OPS of 1.3725 in the small sample size. Sure it’s just eight at-bats but those are some decent numbers this early in the season.

The White Sox need to have the power and consistency that Burger gives them in the lineup. He could be a significant contributor to an offense that is already hitting the ball at a blistering rate. More offense sure doesn’t hurt, does it?

If anything, Burger has kind of earned a spot on the roster for his consistent play at the plate over the last couple of seasons.

He may not be the most consistent third baseman but he’s got some value as a designated hitter and could be someone that the Sox consider to be a fixture on their team for not only the rest of the season but beyond. 

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