Jake Burger shows how truly great he is in this video he posted

Miami Marlins v Pittsburgh Pirates
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The Chicago White Sox didn’t have a very good year. Whenever that happens, the players are usually part of the blame. However, the Sox did have a few players stick out as light in a dark tunnel. 

One of those players was Jake Burger. He was absolutely incredible for his entire time with the White Sox. Pedro Grifol didn’t always consider him a full-time player which is part of the reason he is terrible but Burger always hit well when he was in. 

It is unfortunate but the White Sox decided to trade Jake Burger to the Miami Marlins. They got a decent prospect back but it is not even close to a sure thing that he will turn out to be anything great. 

Burger is young and in his prime. He is the type of hitter that can be very powerful for a long time. With a guy like Luis Robert Jr. also in the mix, the White Sox have the start of a good lineup there. 

The Chicago White Sox had some great time with Jake Burger.

Instead, he is moved on to a team that deserves him a lot more than the team he is currently with. Now, this week, Burger posted a video to social media that will make some fans like him even more.

It was a very nice and heartfelt video that covered a lot in the ten minutes. He says some very nice things about Chicago White Sox fans and his feelings about the organization. It was very nice to hear it from him after all of these months.

Burger got a chance to make a playoff run with the Miami Marlins which is very nice for him. He wouldn't even have come close to that if he were still with the White Sox so it is easy to be happy for him on a human being side of things.

Hopefully, Burger will go forth in his career and does a great job. He has the swing to hit a lot of home runs and help a team win. It was nice to hear from him.

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