Jazz Chisholm Jr. comes to the Chicago White Sox in one of these 3 trade packages

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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To White Sox: Jazz Chisholm Jr. - To Marlins: Lucas Giolito, Jake Burger, Lenyn Sosa

The White Sox can help Miami out in a lot of ways with a deal like this.

The Chicago White Sox need help at second base. The guys that they currently have slated to do the job are not good enough to be the everyday solution. To be honest, a winning team in this league should not even consider such a thing. They need to make a move if they want to be serious.

Lucas Giolito had a down year in 2022 after three straight top-11 finishes for the American League Cy Young Award. He could stay down or he could bounce back as that is one of the main mysteries going into 2023. They might want to trade him before we find out. Miami would be a good spot.

Jake Burger is a decent hitter but he really doesn't have a place on the Chicago White Sox in the long term. He might be able to be a DH with the Marlins if he can figure out a way to stay healthy. It is a risk worth taking for them. For all of Yoan Moncada's struggles, nobody would rather have Burger.

Lenyn Sosa is one of the internal options at second base for the White Sox. He is a good player but he should be given time with a team that isn't ready to compete yet. The Marlins could be that team. He could help replace Jazz while they see if he is someone that can be an MLB player.