Jose Abreu officially has his next Major League Baseball home

Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics
Chicago White Sox v Oakland Athletics / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox made a big splash over the weekend when they signed Mike Clevinger to a contract extension. That made some fans happy and some aren't that impressed but the White Sox now have another starting pitching option at their disposal.

The story there didn't lead for long though as we now know the future of Jose Abreu. He is signing a contract with the defending World Series champion Houston Astros. He will be thier first baseman as they try to go back-to-back in 2023. It is reported to be a three-year deal.

This is heartbreaking news for the Chicago White Sox. He has been with them for his entire career and has been nothing short of excellent. Abreu's tenure with the team included Silver Sluggers, All-Star appearances, and even an MVP.

The only thing it didn't include is postseason success. In fact, they only made it two times and won one game each time. Now, the Astros are getting someone that has all of that experience under his belt with nothing to show for it.

The Chicago White Sox are certainly going to miss having Jose Abreu.

Sometimes it is hard to stay as hungry once you have won before and some of the Astros core has won the World Series twice. Now, they added a star player that is still hungry to win one. The other players on the team might feel compelled to try and help a legend like this get one.

The Astros will look a little bit different next year but they will still be returning a large portion of their team that was so dominant in 2022. Abreu knows all about how good they are and have been over the years. That could have played a part in his big decision here.

Abreu is the type of player that White Sox fans should cheer for even though he is on another team. When he isn't playing the White Sox, it will be nice to see him finally have some success on a good team. They will also allow him to hit to his strengths instead of just hitting for contact like in 2022.

The no-so-fun thing is that Abreu and the Astros are actually the first opponents that the White Sox will face in 2023 so we will get that out of the way nice and early. This is no fun at all but it is a new reality now. It is time for Andrew Vaughn to step up and take the spot.

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