Jose Abreu's Houston Astros presser is tough to watch

Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox
Cleveland Guardians v Chicago White Sox / Jamie Sabau/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are not bringing back Jose Abreu. He is headed to the Houston Astros in a somewhat stunning move. Abreu is one of the best players to ever suit up for the Chicago White Sox and he should be celebrated as such.

Abreu and the Astros had their introductory press conference on Tuesday morning and it wasn't very fun to see as a fan of the White Sox.

He talked about things like his contract with the Astros, other teams that reached out to him, and the offers that the White Sox made to him throughout this process.

The most hurtful thing that he said was that he was looking forward to being a part of the family and winning with the Astros. It is clear that he felt none of that with the Chicago White Sox over the last couple of years.

The Chicago White Sox are going to miss Jose Abreu in their lineup.

All of the things that Abreu feels about the Astros now are things that he used to feel about the White Sox before Tony La Russa came along and ruined everything. Pedro Grifol has to come in and make everyone that is still there feel better about the team and the direction that they are going.

Abreu did confirm that the White Sox made him a good offer but he had absolutely no interest in expanding on it from there. He moved on very quickly after that. He is clearly done with this team for now and has moved on in every way.

Now that we know what Abreu looks like in an Astros uniform, we can move on too. It is hard but he is gone now. It is Andrew Vaughn's time to take over first base and be one of the key offensive players in the organization as they try to bounce back from what was a horrid year.

Honestly, from here, the best thing to do is to wish Jose Abreu success. He is certainly going to have a great chance to win with them which is what he deserves. The Astros and White Sox will open the entire 2022 MLB season against each other on March 30th, 2023.

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