Kim Ng is the right person for the White Sox but at the wrong time

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As former Miami Marlins general manager Kim Ng weighs her options for what she wants to do next, the Chicago White Sox have not done anything yet to reach out to her and gauge her interest in rejoining the club she worked for a number of years ago.

While people would love to see her come on board and help the team turn things around, it doesn't seem as though that is something that will happen.

Ng reportedly turned down a recent opportunity to join the Boston Red Sox as their general manager. White Sox fans' ears perked up following that news and thought that might indicate she was waiting to hear from the White Sox,

However, rumors are all that exist right now regarding her either being contacted by or expressing interest in joining the Southsiders.

The Chicago White Sox would be smart to go for Kim Ng this off-season.

And there is a good chance she won't.

The reason lies in how the organization has gone about things since owner Jerry Reinsdorf fired former team president Kenny Williams and general manager Rick Hahn back in August.

Instead of taking his time and going thoroughly through a list of candidates, Reinsdorf made a knee-jerk reaction and hired Chris Getz, who oversaw an underachieving minor league system for several years.

Reinsdorf was looking for one person to take over the operation and try to get the team back on track. His ownership style of sticking with people he knows and likes was on display when he hired Getz.

This is why linking Ng, who worked for the White Sox from 1990-96, is a logical thing to do. But, doing what's logical doesn't seem to be part of White Sox hiring practices.

Based on Getz's moves in the short time he's been on the job, it's obvious he has his own idea of how to do things, and that seems to be fine by Reinsdorf as he is letting Getz hire who he wants without interference or assistance.

Back in September, Getz hired Josh Barfield, Brian Bannister, and Gene Watson to take over the positions of assistant GM, senior advisor to pitching, and director of player personnel respectively.

Recently, rumors have come out regarding the White Sox looking to acquire catcher Salvador Perez via trade with the Kansas City Royals and signing free agent second baseman Whit Merrifield.

Based on those aforementioned situations, it looks as though Getz has full autonomy and the support of the owner to see his plan come to fruition.

This is why bringing in Ng at this point would not make sense. Wouldn't the correct move have been to hire Ng first to oversee things, allow her to hire her own GM, and give that person the ability to choose who to work with?

If the White Sox were to hire Ng now, it would be an after-the-fact move. It would be similar to hiring a manager first, then hiring a general manager and telling them to work with people they had no hand in hiring.

Ng is certainly qualified to run a ball club and any team would be lucky to have her. But, to do right by her and the team, she needs to be the one to decide who to bring in. She has to be allowed to assemble a staff on her own.

The hope is Getz turns out to be the right person for the job. But, if he's not, it will be yet another of the missed opportunities the organization seems to be getting accustomed to.

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