Looking back at the 5 starters who the White Sox failed to develop into an ace

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles
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2. Lucas Giolito

The Chicago White Sox really did fail Lucas Giolito's career.

The Chicago White Sox, like they had with Dylan Cease, looked to really be developing an ace with Lucas Giolito. He was outstanding from 2019-2021.

Those three years made it seem like they were developing an ace. However, he really started to break down from there and now he isn't even on the team anymore.

If his development would have gone according to plan, the White Sox would have never needed to trade him to the Los Angeles Angels this year.

They also wouldn't have put him on waivers for the Cleveland Guardians to claim either. Now, the White Sox allowed him to end up as a division rival.

Giolito is a great pitcher but he never became that ace that the White Sox wanted to see him become. It is sad.