Looking back at the 5 starters who the White Sox failed to develop into an ace

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5. Garrett Crochet

The Chicago White Sox have done nothing for Garrett Crochet's success.

The Chicago White Sox drafted Garrett Crochet in the first round of the 2020 MLB Draft. Of course, COVID-19 was at its peak during that time which caused some teams to make bad decisions.

One bad decision that the White Sox made was having him make his MLB debut in the same season that he was drafted.

He didn't even finish his final college season because of the pandemic and then they threw him in the big leagues with no minor league development.

Trying to succeed in the 60-game season was admirable because every team was viewing it that way but with Garrett Crochet specifically, that was bad.

Now, he is often injured and doesn't pitch very much with the team. He was drafted with the hopes of being a very good, perhaps even an ace, level pitcher one day. That is not happening.

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