Lucas Giolito goes to the Arizona Diamondbacks in one of these 3 wild trades

Toronto Blue Jays v Chicago White Sox
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Trade Three

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The Chicago White Sox could just go for a haul of prospects in return.

The Chicago White Sox may not be able to get one of those high-end prospects for Lucas Giolito. If they are still dead set on moving him now, they could still get quantity.

Blake Walston and Landon Sims are the number five and six prospects in Arizona's system so you know they are still good players.

There is still a lot of development to go with them but the White Sox need guys like that if they are going to start retooling the organization.

Ruben Santana and Ryan Bliss are lower-ranked guys that would be throw-in type guys for a deal like this. They can hit sometimes and the White Sox should always be asking about guys like that to round out trades.

Trading Lucas Giolito is not a fun idea but don't be surprised if it happens. Hopefully, if it is the Diamondbacks, they are able to take advantage of a great farm system.

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