Luis Robert Jr. Is the rock on a bad Chicago White Sox team

Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles
Chicago White Sox v Baltimore Orioles / Jess Rapfogel/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox are a bad team. No matter how you look at it, they are not a winning team this year and are struggling as an organization.

Sure, they have some good individual talent on the team but they are not able to put that talent together and get to a winning combination. That’s caused them to lose a vast majority of the games they have played this season.

I mentioned that they have some good individual talent and any White Sox fan should know that the best player on the team, this year, is none other than centerfielder Luis Robert Jr. Robert Jr. has been a bright spot in what has been a dismal and dark season for the White Sox.

He has been their best player and even made the All-Star team back in July. Robert Jr. has been very consistent and has stepped into the role of being someone that the other players can look up to.

The White Sox are a bad team with a really good player in Luis Robert Jr.

It’s cliché to say that Robert Jr’s talents are being wasted by him being on the White Sox. Everyone knows that it’s always ideal for good players to play on good teams but there are those times when a good player ends up being placed on a bad team and shines.

Robert Jr. is that guy for the White Sox this year. His play has been a bit of a breath of fresh air and has given White Sox fans hope for a brighter future.

Robert's statistics show us a model of consistency and solid play and they are statistics that we would like to see in the most solid performers.

He’s one of the leaders in home runs in the American League and hits them at a regular clip. He’s a strong and powerful hitter which makes him a threat to go yard almost every time he gets up to bat. And when he’s not hitting home runs, he’s cranking out doubles at the rate of 33 this year.

Not that shabby.

The White Sox are going to have to build their team around Luis Robert Jr. He’s clearly their best player Along with a few of the other guys in the lineup, they have a good nucleus for which new GM Chris Getz can build around to turn the White Sox into a winner.

I would look for Getz to get a start on rebuilding the right way even quite possibly this season by moving on from some baggage and working with some of the more talented players that they already have, like Robert, Jr.

White Sox fans shouldn’t worry about Robert Jr., going anywhere.

The White Sox are sure to keep him around and use him as the nucleus for their team of the future. 

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