Mike Clevinger is going to probably play with the White Sox

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It's March and Opening Day is right around the corner. During the off-season, the Chicago White Sox signed Mike Clevinger to a one-year deal for 8 million dollars, plus a 12 million dollar mutual option for the 2024 season. The option has a 4 million dollar buyout.

At first, many were excited about the make-or-break deal for a guy trying to get back to where he was pre-injury. That excitement quickly changed when MLB released allegations involving him and his ex-wife Olivia Finestead.

The two have expressed their emotions about it globally.

Mike Clevinger is looking like he is going to play for the White Sox.

Finestead responded to Clevinger's words with this on 670 The Score:

For Finestead to come out with these remarks has to show that the two are not on the same page, drawing all of these back and forth between one another. It has been almost a month since the allegations and no other information has come out about who is guilty/unguilty.

Mike Clevinger is going into his seventh major league season, a big year for him on the baseball field. Like his teammate Lucas Giolito, this is a contract year for Clevinger. It's a put-up or shut-up season for him and the allegations added to that are a lot to handle at once.

Mike Clevinger, as of right now, remains the club's fifth starting pitcher in the rotation at this point in time.

Until someone is proven guilty, Clevinger will still get to play baseball in the MLB, and it could cause the White Sox to make adjustments throughout the year if anything else revolving around the case occurs.

In 2022, Mike Clevinger was an average pitcher for the San Diego Padres, finishing with a 7-7 record, 114 innings pitched, a 4.33 ERA, and 91 batters struck out.

Considering the NL West's competition around the entire division, it wasn't an awful year for someone who battled injury during the season and Tommy John recovery the year prior.

The moral of the story for Clevinger in 2023 is that if he stays mentally correct about the case and remains healthy, the White Sox rotation can be a hassle to reckon with.

When all right, Dylan Cease, Lance Lynn, Lucas Giolito, Michael Kopech, and Mike Clevinger can be one of the high-end rotations in the American League, possibly even one of the best in baseball.

The White Sox could be affected by his case but for now, you can only do so much by waiting it out. Kendall Graveman was asked about the case and if it will affect the clubhouse, and it came back with:

If White Sox fans want advice, Graveman suggests letting it play out and not showing anger or hatred without knowing a conclusion.

It's still being determined whether the clubhouse has the same opinion toward Mike as Graveman but moving forward, the White Sox will have to play through the allegations.

Baseball is a team game but one person's actions off the field shouldn't affect an entire major league clubhouse. If it does, the White Sox may never be able to play to the best of their talents, which can result in a detrimental season once again.

Overall, the case is just an unfortunate situation for the White Sox.

Mike Clevinger has a hole to climb out of in 2023 and watching how the case unfolds will be interesting.

Pedro Grifol was recently asked about the situation but for the most part, he just stuck to baseball-related topics.

Grifol cosigned Clevinger on his baseball play thus far in Glendale, Arizona. While Clevinger has yet to pitch in a live game, he should be expected to shortly.

The approach for skipper Pedro Grifol is to focus on his baseball talents rather than talk about an unclosed case off the baseball field. So far, he is impressed with what the new White Sox starting pitcher has been producing.

Grifol always shows a positive manner, and that's also the case with Clevinger's allegations. He was short and simple rather than going into detail and that's the expectation for everyone in the organization throughout the 2023 MLB season.

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