MLB playoff bracket if the season ended today: The White Sox are long gone

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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The Chicago White Sox had hopes of returning to the playoffs in 2023 after a disappointing 2022 season.

Unfortunately, 2023 has made 2022 look like a success and it is one of the worst downfalls in the history of the league.

This team believed that they had what it takes to get close to the World Series if not win the World Series in the coming years.

Now, another rebuild is on the horizon and nobody believes that they are going to execute it the right way.

The Chicago White Sox are not going to the postseason in 2023.

The White Sox are eliminated from the Wild Card chase in the American League and their tragic number in the AL Central is four. They'll be eliminated there by the end of the weekend.

This doesn't mean that White Sox fans should not be watching the Major League Baseball Postseason in 2023.

This tournament is going to be a classic. There is not one team that is so much more dominant than everyone else. It really wouldn't be surprising to see any of these teams win the whole thing.

If the season ended today, the bracket would look like this: