MLB playoff bracket if the season ended today: The White Sox are long gone

Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins
Chicago White Sox v Minnesota Twins / Adam Bettcher/GettyImages
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The American League postseason isn't going to dissapoint baseball fans.

American League:

Bye: Baltimore Orioles (1), Houston Astros (2)

Minnesota Twins (3) vs Toronto Blue Jays (6)

Tampa Bay Rays (4) vs Seattle Mariners (5)

This could go any way. The Orioles have been the best but the Astros are the defending champions with pedigree.

The other four teams in the opening round are all gunning for them. That final sixth spot is also going to come down to a race between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays.

Whoever claims it will probably have a better record than the Twins as the eventual AL Central champions isn't that impressive.

In fact, the Twins are likely to be hosting a series as a higher seed against a team with a better record than them.

Whoever wins the American League, in the end, should be proud because it is going to be a heavy fight until the end.