The New York Yankees make a lot of sense for a Dylan Cease trade

The New York Yankees make a lot of sense for a Dylan Cease trade right now.
Chicago White Sox Workout
Chicago White Sox Workout / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox haven’t traded Dylan Cease. They were supposed to do so ahead of the trade deadline and it never happened. Then, they were supposed to deal him during the off-season but that hasn’t happened yet either. 

With Opening Day just a couple of weeks away, it feels like it isn’t going to happen before he is their guy on the first day of the season. That doesn’t mean he won’t be traded during the season but it felt like he’d be gone by now. 

There is a recent development coming out of New York that may change things though. Reigning Cy Young Award winner and New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole is awaiting word on his throwing elbow. It sounds like he is going to be out for the year. 

According to Bob Nightengale of USA Today, the Yankees have reached out to the White Sox about a potential Dylan Cease trade. This is a move that would make a ton of sense for both sides. 

The Chicago White Sox may be thinking about trading Dylan Cease

Nightengale is not always right but he has to be taken somewhat seriously. Where there is smoke, there could be fire with his reporting. He always seems to be on top of things when it comes to the White Sox. 

According to him, elite prospect Spencer Jones is not included in the offer proposed by the Yankees. It is unclear if that is a dealbreaker for the White Sox or not. Chicago wants to get the best possible return for Cease. 

In 2022, Cease was as good as any pitcher in the American League. He was the Cy Young runner-up up and New York would love to add a pitcher of that caliber. However, things were down for him in 2023 which makes it a question mark kind of trade. 

The hope is that Cease can return to form in 2024. That may be extra possible if he is on a good team. The Yankees are much better than the White Sox and would afford him a great opportunity to win. 

In joining the Yankees staff, Cease would be reunited with Carlos Rodon who is looking for a healthy bounce back himself. With some of the other talented arms they have, this could work out well if it happened. 

There are some quality free agents still left too like Blake Snell. However, if the Yankees want a cost-controlled player with a high ceiling, Cease is worth taking a risk on.