Nick Madrigal comes back to the Chicago White Sox in one of these 3 trades

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The Chicago White Sox desperately needs help in many areas, but nothing is more pressing than second base. There have been many mistakes made with the position over the last few years and one of them was letting Nick Madrigal go to the Chicago Cubs.

The White Sox sent Codi Heuer with Madrigal to the north side in exchange for Craig Kimbrel. It was the right trade to make at the time but hindsight suggests that it was a terrible move for the White Sox. It also turns out that it wasn't that great deal for the Cubs either.

Heuer has hardly pitched for them (Tommy John) and Madrigal isn't even good enough to be in thier projected Opening Day lineup. They signed Dansby Swanson to play shortstop and Nico Hoerner is headed to second base. Now, we know Madrigal is a bench player for right now.

If the Cubs decide to trade him, the White Sox should be all over it. Just because he isn't really valuable to them doesn't mean that he would be useless for the White Sox. In fact, he would probably be the starting second baseman for the entire year (pending health).

The White Sox need some big time help at a few different positions.

The White Sox should do what they can to get him back. It might not cost as much as you'd think so it is worth exploring. If the price is right, they should be doing anything they can to address second base. Madrigal comes back to the White Sox in one of these potential trade packages: