Nick Madrigal comes back to the Chicago White Sox in one of these 3 trades

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
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To White Sox: Nick Madrigal - To Cubs: Lenyn Sosa and Sean Burke

The Chicago White Sox should seriously explore a trade for this 2B.

The Chicago White Sox need some help at second base. Using what they have is not good enough when it comes to a starting role in the year 2023. Looking too much like 2022 would mean that the team isn't very good. They should be looking to upgrade in any way that they can.

Regardless of what people say, Madrigal would be an upgrade. He might not be this awesome hitter but he is better than what the White Sox have set out to second base since he left. At a minimum, he is a guy who goes out there and makes contact. There are worse things to say about a nine hitter.

Trading Lenyn Sosa for Madrigal would be good for both sides. He would be a guy that can get a chance in a much less pressure filled role on the north side. He also won't have to get a lot of time with the White Sox this year if they moved him which could really help them.

Sean Burke is a pitcher that would technically be a throw in for this deal. He has a lot of talent but has a long way to go before he is Major League caliber (if ever). This deal for Madrigal would be a no-brainer for Rick Hahn and his staff.