Nick Madrigal comes back to the Chicago White Sox in one of these 3 trades

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
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To White Sox: Nick Madrigal - To Cubs: Jake Burger

The Chicago White Sox could give up something good for Nick Madrigal.

The Chicago White Sox made some decent first-round picks in recent years but none of them have truly become stars yet. Jake Burger and Nick Madrigal were selected by the White Sox in back-to-back seasons and now it would make sense for them to get traded for one another.

If Madrigal came back to the White Sox, he would fit right in as their new second baseman. If Jake Burger went to the Chicago Cubs, you'd like to think that he gets an opportunity to play with them right away. He could either be a designated hitter or a third baseman. Either way would work for him.

Burger has had his ups and downs but most of the downs are just because of his injury history. He has proven that when healthy, he can be a guy that hits Major League pitching very well. He has the ability to hit for contact and power. He also has a knack for the clutch.

Madrigal is much less likely to see a lot of playing time with the Cubs in 2023 if he stayed than they would give to Burger if they acquired him. For that reason, it is something for both sides to consider at this point in time.