The one Chicago White Sox prospect who got away

Houston Astros v Texas Rangers
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The Chicago White Sox are not a good baseball team. They have failed a lot of young prospects over the years but a few stick out more than others.

There are also a few prospects that they got rid of through trades. Of course, a few of them went on to be good with other teams which is always infuriating.

People might think of guys like Fernando Tatis Jr., Marcus Semien, and Chris Bassitt when discussing prospects that got away but there is a new one emerging.

That is Dane Dunning. The White Sox traded Dunning to the Texas Rangers to bring in Lance Lynn. That turned out to be a very interesting trade for both teams.

Dan Dunning has turned into a very good pitcher in his MLB career.

In the early stages of the Lynn era for the White Sox, he was dominant. In fact, he came in third place for the American League Cy Young on a playoff team.

Later after that, he started to fall off a little bit but was still good. Meanwhile, Dane Dunning has turned into a very good pitcher for the Rangers.

So far this season, he has appeared as both a starter and a reliever for them. He has made 21 starts up to this point and appeared in 30 total games.

In those 30 appearances, he has a 3.88 ERA and has pitched in a total of 146.0 innings. The guy deserves a lot of credit for the way he has handled himself in his development.

The Rangers were patient with him and now they are reaping the benefits. They are hoping that he will be good for them for a long time.

Dunning wasn't very good in his most recent start but that one seems to be an outlier. The Rangers as a whole have been on a downward swing lately. However, they are still very much in the mix for a postseason berth. They would love to hang on.

The White Sox would still trade Dane Dunning for Lance Lynn after 2020 but he does feel like a prospect that got away at this point in time. He would probably be a nice pitcher worth having for the Sox here in 2023.

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