Pedro Grifol has high expectations for the 2023 MLB season

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The new skipper for the Chicago White Sox has been a much better candidate for the managerial position early on. He has been prepared to lead this roster daily, increasing their chances of having a successful spring training trip to Glendale, Arizona.

Grifol believes they have the edge to compete and when everyone is playing like themselves, this is a hard White Sox team to compete against. He has high praise for fundamentally sound baseball and Pedro is bringing that brand to the south side thus far.

He believes that the White Sox roster can go places with all the pieces they have, creating a wave of unexpected positive thoughts from the fanbase and the community.

There has been an uplifting amount of energy during the spring, which could significantly influence how the 2023 major league season can pan out.

The Chicago White Sox are getting good managing from Pedro Grifol.

Pedro Grifol was the recent interviewee on the White Sox Talk Podcast with Chuck Garfien as they took a deep dive into his insights about his first spring training with the Chicago White Sox. He had much to say about some individuals on the team and his thoughts about the team as a whole unit.

The vibe during spring training has drastically changed from last year's embarrassing approach. The coaches and players are helping each other out, leading to one whole roster that wants to succeed.

Pedro Grifol is having a great time as a first-time manager and takes pride in putting on the White Sox uniform every day in his role.

Grifol stated that he wouldn't be able to do it without the staff the organization brought aboard with him. It's very encouraging to hear him speak in such a positive and definitive manner.

He's a manager that wants to win baseball games. It's an attitude that the White Sox have been missing for quite some time now.

The White Sox are showing adherent signs of cohesiveness and chemistry. The staff knows an abundance of knowledge from past MLB teams and now that they are all here with the White Sox It's creating a win-at-all-costs culture.

The only thing left to do is make sure they execute that winning culture throughout the 2023 MLB season.

Grifol wants this team to lead by example. He wants his team to prove everyone wrong. Through fundamental baseball play, Grifol believes this team is going to impress a lot of people around the baseball and major league community.

They have created an environment to let everyone play to the best of their abilities and if the White Sox play like themselves, they can work hard and compete with any team in the MLB. That's how confident Pedro is.

He wants this team to be acknowledged as a roster full of winners and the only way to do that is to prove it on the field in 2023.

Grifol has highly entertaining and responsible words when talking to the press or media, but talk is only talking. It's starting to get to the point where everyone sees if it gets represented on the field in the regular season.

Pedro Grifol was asked about Yoan Moncada, he thoughts were:

Yoan Moncada needs to be himself and if anyone is counting on him to exceed this year, it's Pedro Grifol.

He talked about how satisfied he is with Yoan's work ethic, showing the entire organization how much this season matters to both of them. Pedro and Yoan have built a professional relationship and it can contribute to a tremendous bounce-back season for Yoan Moncada.

Pedro was also asked about Eloy Jimenez. Eloy is another player that Pedro believes can factor in on a lot of success in 2023. Pedro and Eloy talked before spring training numerous times and they have built a winning relationship in a short period.

Grifol respects his work ethic. Like Yoan's, and he's hoping it rubs off on everyone on the roster this year. Grifol believes Eloy's spring training games will play out on whether he has time in the right field position for the regular season.

If he does not win the right field job, he expects Eloy to play as a professional and find a way to contribute regularly to their lineup for 2023.

Garfien also asked Grifol who has shocked him the most in a positive way so far. He had a name to talk about.

The word that stuck out to him was Tim Anderson. Pedro saw it on the opponent's side and now that he has had the chance to work with him, he feels his evaluations of him before knowing him were correct.

Tim has high expectations for himself, and Pedro has acknowledged/seen Tim prove that to anyone who doesn't believe in him or the White Sox this year.

Pedro Grifol is excited to be a part of the White Sox this season and onward. He believes in his men and is almost promising a successful season for the organization in 2023.

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