Power ranking the most frustrating parts of the Chicago White Sox this season

This has been a terrible season and there are five areas that make this season very frustrating to watch.
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2) Playing time for the young players.

The front office and Grifol have preferred to play bad veterans over younger players. The season is lost, so the Sox should pivot to younger players to get an idea of who can help them get back to being competitive.

It could help Getz finally make a determination that at this point he has said he has no clue on a timeline.

Instead, the Sox keep burying young players like Dominic Fletcher, Oscar Colas, Nick Nastrini, Jonathan Cannon (for a brief period), and Jordan Leasure, so the Sox can play guys like Brad Keller, Chad Kuhl, Andrew Benintendi, and Mike Clevinger (when he is healthy).

Money dictates Benintendi has to play, but Tommy Pham should no longer be blocking Colas from playing time. That is not to say Pham is terrible. In fact, he is loved here.

He should only be traded by now after returning from the 10-day IL. It feels like the front office is overvaluing his trade market. The New York Mets got a young, high-ceiling prospect for Pham last trade deadline. While that does not fit the front office's target of getting a prospect closer to the big leagues, that is what Pham's market is probably going to be.

Trade him to Kansas City if they offer up a "scratch-off" prospect or any other team and get guys like Colas in the lineup to see if he can help. The scary part is Drew Thorpe's big-league development is going to be thrown off because gosh darn it, the Sox believe Clevinger has trade value.