Power ranking the most frustrating parts of the Chicago White Sox this season

This has been a terrible season and there are five areas that make this season very frustrating to watch.
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3) The terrible defense

The focus in the offseason was to upgrade the defense. It was terrible in 2023 and it is still terrible.

The Sox rank dead last in defensive runs saved and are in the bottom 10 in fielding percentage. It is sad that teams know that all they have to do is put the ball in the play and there is a good chance they can still get on base.

It should also be a cause for concern, if you did not already have those by now, that Getz cannot do the GM job. It was a big focus this offseason and he failed to upgrade the defense.

4) Blowing leads

The White Sox realistically could have about 10-15 more wins if they did not blow so many leads, they had in the seventh inning or later.

The bullpen has failed to protect the lead a bunch of times. The defense has not helped in a lot of those situations. Even if the Sox hung one to win a few of those games, they would not be on this historically bad pace.

5) The offense not putting teams away.

A big reason the Sox have blown leads is the offense does just enough to get a lead, but not enough to put teams away.

The Sox offense is the worst in baseball. The lineup has barely any value players with just three players who have 150 or more at-bats that have a wRC+ over 100.

Poor base running also keeps costing the Sox victories like on Friday night.

It is kind of hard to put teams away when the offense struggles to hit with runners in scoring position. That is a huge reason the Sox keep losing.