Ranking the 3 worst contracts in the AL Central Division

Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game Two
Kansas City Royals v Chicago White Sox - Game Two / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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3. Byron Buxton

The Twins aren't getting good value from the Byron Buxton contract.

The Minnesota Twins are looking for big numbers from Byron Buxton. He is making $15.14 million through 2028 which is a long time to be paying a player like this.

Everybody knows that Buxton has MVP potential if he is healthy but he is never healthy. It has gotten to the point that his numbers aren't even really Buxton-like anymore regardless of his playing status.

His numbers are all declining a bit as his OPS is only .731. That is not a horrible OPS but it isn't in the 8's or 9's like we've come to know from him. He has hit 17 home runs in 85 games this season which isn't a bad number but he has hit more in his career in fewer games.

In his 9 year MLB career, Buxton has only eclipsed 100 games played once and he won't break that this year. It is a shame because he could have been Hall of Fame good if he stayed healthy for most of his career.

He certainly isn't going to get healthier or better at baseball as he will enter his age-30 season in 2024. This contract is horrible now because of it which is really sad. He is a great player but injuries have just kept us wanting more as baseball fans.

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