Ranking the 5 biggest busts of the Chicago White Sox rebuild

The Chicago White Sox have had a lot of busts through their rebuild. These are the five biggest.
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3. Eloy Jimenez

Eloy Jimenez has been nothing short of a disaster for the White Sox.

Injuries have a lot to do with it. Eloy Jimenez has been mostly a sore spot for the Chicago White Sox throughout the rebuild.

He had a couple of injury stints in 2019, his rookie year, but that didn't stop him from having 31 home runs and finishing in fourth for the Rookie of the Year in the AL.

In 2020, the short season, he was even better. He had 14 home runs in 55 games during the 60-game sprint. It was looking like the White Sox had a budding superstar on their hands.

They did but injuries took over in 2021 when he hurt himself during spring training. He didn't return until the middle of the summer and he was never the same again. He hasn't stopped battling injuries since that point in time. The 122 games he played during his rookie year are still his career-high.

There is no doubt that there is offensive talent with Jimenez but these injuries have turned him into a bust for the White Sox. When looking back at the failed rebuild, his history will be a big reason why.