Ranking the 4 White Sox managers since Ozzie Guillen

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox
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2. Tony La Russa

The Chicago White Sox had one winning season with Tony La Russa.

This is where the list gets really bad and we are only at number two. That sounds like a compliment but it is not. What comes after him is even worse.

La Russa did have one winning season in 2021. He was saved by some Yermin Mercedes magic, a great bullpen, and some clutch hitting in other areas by guys like Jake Lamb, Billy Hamilton, and Bryan Goodwin.

He took that one division title and didn't do anything with it. In 2022, the White Sox had one of the most disappointing years in franchise history.

His management of the bullpen was terrible, the starting lineups were bad, and his in-game strategy was just way off. It was clear that he held them back a lot of the time.

La Russa had a health scare as the season was winding down and we wish him nothing but the best but he wasn't fit to manage the team anymore. He is one of the greatest managers in the history of the sport but his second stint on the south side was horrific.