Ranking the 4 White Sox managers since Ozzie Guillen

Texas Rangers v Chicago White Sox
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3. Pedro Grifol

Pedro Grifol is not an upgrade which is a problem for the White Sox.

The difference between 3 and 4 isn’t all that much. The tiebreaker is hoping that things can turn around for Pedro Grifol. He is a young rookie manager that has a long way to go. 

2023 has been a disaster for the White Sox with him at the help. He is far from the only reason why that is but he also isn’t blameless either. There are plenty of issues with the way he manages.

The lineup cards have been a very big problem. Jake Burger batting 8th when he’s red hot but 4th when he’s a little bit cold is an example. It also took him forever to shake up the top of the lineup and he did it two days after saying he wouldn’t for a while. 

The bullpen management has also been a disaster. Doing the lefty vs righty thing is nice when all of the pitchers are good. When someone like Aaron Bummer is terrible, it doesn’t matter that he’s a lefty. 

Pedro is also starting to get very mad at media people for challenging him. Welcome to the big leagues, man. When you are the poor manager of a poor team, folks are going to ask you about it. We can only hope that it turns around.