Ranking the 4 White Sox managers since Ozzie Guillen

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4. Robin Ventura

Robin Ventura was a horrific manager for the Chicago White Sox.

The Chicago White Sox had Robin Ventura as a player and a manager. As a player, he was awesome. He was truly one of the best third basemen the team has ever had.

For a long time, he was a fan favorite. Unfortunately, some of that has gone away since his tenure as the manager. He was absolutely terrible.

He was bad at all of the things that the previously mentioned managers were bad at. The only difference is that Ventura looked like he didn't want to be there half the time.

They say teams look like the way they are managed and that is a very accurate statement for Ventura. The team looked lethargic and unprepared every year.

Pedro Grifol doesn't count because he is half a season into things but at least the other two made the playoffs at least once. Ventura literally only went above .500 once and that was in 2012 which had some shells of the World Series team still on it.

All four of these guys were less than ideal managers for the White Sox but the history is the history. Someone has to be one and someone has to be four.

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