Ranking the best options to be the Chicago White Sox designated hitter

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The Chicago White Sox might look a little bit different in 2023. There aren't going to be major changes but they might have a few things that are different about them.

For one, there are a lot of players that could be designated hitters to really reach their offensive potential.

Most of those candidates provide little to nothing in the field defensively. A few of them have even been forced to play other positions over the last few years.

There are players that could be out the door which would affect the DH spot but nothing is set in stone right now. No matter how this off-season shakes out, these are the three designated hitter options (ranked from third best to first best) that make the most sense for the White Sox in 2023:

3. Gavin Sheets

Gavin Sheets is has been a great power hitter for the Chicago White Sox.

Gavin Sheets might not be the best option for this job out of anyone in the organization but he can still do it with relative ease. He had a rough start to the season in 2022 so he would need to come out stronger in 2023 which could very well happen.

Sheets is a left-handed power bat which is something that the White Sox desperately needs. Most of thier bats are right-handed and thier lefties are all switch hitters. Sheets provides that full-time lefty power when he is in there.

There are a few other players that are going to be ahead of him on the list but don't be surprised if he is a part of the team again in 2023. They could very well trade him too which would free up this log jam but he will get starts if they don't. Hopefully, he never has to play the outfield again.