Ranking the best options to be the Chicago White Sox designated hitter

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2. Andrew Vaughn

Andrew Vaughn is going to be a great hitter for the Chicago White Sox.

If Jose Abreu leaves, Andrew Vaughn is probably going to be the new first baseman. However, he is someone that is a candidate to be a designated hitter as well. He has done that in his career as his bat is where he is going to make all of his money.

Vaughn led the White Sox with 17 home runs in 2022. He also slashed .271/.321/.429 for an OPS of .750. In addition, he had 76 RBIs and 60 runs scored.

He had a very good year with his bat for being a second-year player but being one of the leaders on the team was an issue for everyone as a whole. Andrew has another step to take but the rest of the team needs to be better as well.

The problem for Vaughn is the fact that he had a negative WAR in 2021 despite the fact that he had some really good offensive numbers. That is because he is an absolutely terrible outfielder but that isn't his natural position. He was thrown into the fire which is very hard to do.

Honestly, he was better than anyone should even expect because attempting to do something like that is almost impossible.

Vaughn needs to either play his natural position of first base so we can see how good he is there or he needs to be a designated hitter. He is one of the best options on this team to play in that spot and be successful.

Throughout his career, whether it is with the White Sox or not, he is going to be a very good hitter. If the White Sox don't trade him to free up the log jam/address other needs this offseason, you'll see him get his at-bats in 2023 and beyond.