Ranking the best options to be the Chicago White Sox designated hitter

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1. Eloy Jimenez

Eloy Jimenez has a chance to be an elite Chicago White Sox hitter.

Eloy Jimenez came in as one of the best young hitters that the team had ever had. He hit 31 home runs in 2019 and didn't even play in the entire season because of some stints on the injured list. Then, in the short 2020 season, he was a Silver Slugger because he was so fantastic.

The injury bug crept back up in 2021 as he missed most of the year because of an injury that he sustained during spring training. He was never able to get his feet under him from there. In 2022, he got hurt again but it didn't take him out as long and he was able to come back and be amazing again.

The end of 2022 was very encouraging for Jimenez. If he can just figure out a way to stay healthy, he can be a world-class hitter in this league. The best way to reduce the chance of an injury is to make sure that he is just the designated hitter as much as possible.

He should walk into spring training as the favorite to be the DH right away. He should be able to keep it as long as he hits the way that we know he can. Not many people on the team can do it the way that he does. The numbers speak for themselves.

If the rest of the team actually brings their bats in 2023, Eloy could be even better because there will be better pitches for him to hit if everyone is dangerous around him. The White Sox have to improve their offense if they are going to turn things around.

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