Ranking the top 3 Chicago White Sox extension candidates

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
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2. Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson is absolutely someone that is worthy of an extension soon.

Some people are starting to forget how truly awesome Tim Anderson is. His power numbers were slightly down in 2022 but so were the power numbers of the entire White Sox team which suggests that it was a coaching/philosophy issue more than anything.

He was so good in the first half to the point where he was an American League All-Star. Not only was he an All-Star, but he was also the starting shortstop. He was on track for yet another really good year but he got hurt in the second half. The plan was for him to return if they were still in it but he never did because they fell too far out.

As a result, they are hoping for more health from him this year. There is a new manager and hitting coach in there too so the vibes should just be totally different. If Tim Anderson can get back to having fun while playing baseball, he will thrive once again as he did before things got bad with the team.

The team goes as he goes. He might make an error every now and again but he does also make some good defensive plays out there as well. He is also an incredible leadoff hitter and he is going to deserve some big money in short order. The White Sox need to stay committed to winning players and he is a winning player.