Ranking the White Sox's 6 most tradable assets

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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3. Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson getting traded by the White Sox feels like a strange idea.

Tim Anderson is firmly the face of the franchise and has been since 2019. His poor play here in 2023 doesn’t come close to changing that. 

The only thing that will change it is if he is traded. Yes, that is a legit possibility. There are tons of teams out there that would just love to add a guy like that right now. 

No, he hasn’t been right for most of this year. Yes, he has been getting better and better as things go along for him this season. Teams will see that and consider him if they think he fills a need. 

Anderson may play shortstop for his new team if he is traded but he also may be in line to play some second base. This could be a path for him to get back in the playoffs with a good team. 

It would be shocking to see the White Sox trade him when you think about where things were two years ago but it is a conversation being had right now.