Ranking the White Sox's 6 most tradable assets

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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2. Lucas Giolito

The Chicago White Sox trading Lucas Giolito feels certain at this point.

The Chicago White Sox are going to make at least one big trade before the August 1st trade deadline. One person that is almost certainly going to be gone is Lucas Giolito.

Giolito has been a very good pitcher so far in his Major League career. He was a top ten starter in the American League in 2019, 2020, and 2021. In 2022, however, he was awful.

The good news is that he has bounced back in 2023 so other teams across the league will want to add a guy like that. The one bad year was an outlier.

Plenty of teams are going to be in the mix for Giolito. Of all the guys that have even a slight chance of being traded this year, Giolito is the second most valuable.

It may be wise for the White Sox to extend him instead but if they know that is not happening, a trade will be on the table.