Ranking the White Sox's 6 most tradable assets

Chicago White Sox v New York Yankees
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1. Dylan Cease

If Dylan Cease is a trade option for the White Sox, he is their best one.

The Chicago White Sox are not likely to trade Dylan Cease. He feels like someone that they should be keeping no matter what.

However, there are going to be teams asking about him. When you have performed the way that the White Sox have so far in 2023, nobody should be truly untouchable.

Cease is also a client of Scott Boras who does not deal well with the Chicago White Sox. If an extension isn't going to get done ever, some hard decisions might need to be made.

If the right package came along for Cease, Rick Hahn would be foolish not to even consider it. Because that is possible, he has to be considered a trade asset.

If Cease is a trade asset right now, he is the best one. Luis Robert Jr. is the MVP of the team right now and although nobody should be untouchable, it would take something truly special to trade Robert Jr. That makes Cease the number one guy on a list like this.

Hopefully, regardless of what happens, the White Sox find a way to better the team as a whole.

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