Ranking whose fault it is that the Chicago White Sox are bad

New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox
New York Yankees v Chicago White Sox / Ron Vesely/GettyImages
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3. Rick Hahn

Rick Hahn is firmly one of the worst general managers in MLB.

Rick Hahn had us all fooled when he was first starting the rebuild for the Chicago White Sox. They made what looked like some really smart moves that were going to pan out for a while. 

Although he probably doesn’t deserve as much blame as he gets considering the owner hired a bad manager under his nose, he doesn’t do a good job in spite of that. 

There are other GMs out there with much worse owners than Rick Hahn deals with and they do a lot more winning. He has also made some incredibly boneheaded moves as the GM over the last couple of seasons. 

Hahn’s biggest flaw is that he thinks that the observers aren’t smart. He downplays everything and acts like everything is going to be alright. In reality, this thing is a mess so it would be nice to hear him admit it more often. 

Hahn should not be allowed to oversee this upcoming trade deadline but it is obvious that he is going to be the guy doing that.