Shohei Ohtani comes to the Chicago White Sox in one of these blockbuster trades

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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To White Sox: Shohei Ohtani

To Angels: Colson Montgomery, Garrett Crochet, Eloy Jimenez, Gavin Sheets

The White Sox need to change some things up and this would surely do it.

Colson Montgomery is the top prospect in the Chicago White Sox organization. He is an outstanding young player that is looking to make an impact in Major League Baseball one day. The Angels would certainly love to add as many of these first round prospects as they can.

Garrett Crochet, Eloy Jimenez, and Gavin Sheets are all MLB players that would play with the Angels right away. They all have differnt skill sets that can help them as well which has to be attractive.

Crochet could be a starter one day but is a very good bullpen pitcher trying to come back from Tommy John surgery. Don't be surprised, regardless of what team it is with if Crochet is able to become a borderline elite MLB pitcher one day.

Jimenez has the talent to be a game-changing bat. He hits 30 home runs by accident if he is healthy which is his biggest issue. He has dealt with some injuries over the last two years and has to prove his ability to play for a full season but he has a chance to be so elite.

Gavin Sheets is someone who can play first base, be a designated hitter, or even play the outfield. He is the fourth piece in this trade but he could provide some big things to a team that will afford him more playing time. This is a big trade proposal but it is one for both sides to strongly consider.