Shohei Ohtani comes to the Chicago White Sox in one of these blockbuster trades

Los Angeles Angels v Oakland Athletics
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To White Sox: Shohei Ohtani

To Angels: Tim Anderson, Lucas Giolito, Lenyn Sosa, Liam Hendriks

The Chicago White Sox would certainly be giving up a lot in a deal like this.

The Chicago White Sox could even use Shohei Ohtani in right field from time to time which is a huge area of need for them. Combining him with Oscar Colas out there could really help the team win a lot more baseball games. Ohtani is an elite DH on non-pitching/fielding days as well.

Because you are essentially getting two players worth 300 million in one, Ohtani is almost certainly going to get underpaid when that time comes. In a lot of ways, he is the cheap way out for a team like the White Sox who never pays anyone.

That is why if he is traded, he is going to get some big return for his Angels team that handled his tenure so poorly. Tim Anderson, Lucas Giolito, Lenyn Sosa, and Liam Hendriks is a great return for them at this point with all things considered.

Giolito and Hendriks are two pitchers going back in this package. Giolito is a starter that can help try to replace Ohtani in their rotation while Hendriks would become their new closer.

Tim Anderson is the face of the White Sox but Ohtani would be the new one if he was acquired. He and Lenyn Sosa are the two position players included here that would make interesting returns for the Halos as they try to rebuild in what is now a tough division.

They have no chance next year or the year after so they might as well try to rebuild the right way. We know about the World Series champion Houston Astros are there, the Seattle Mariners are one of the best young teams in the American League, and the Texas Rangers have spent so much money on elite players over the past few years.

The White Sox would be so lucky to have a player like that and there isn't really a trade package good enough for Ohtani but one might have to be if Los Angeles really does put him on the block with the intentions of moving him.

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