Who Will Step Up To Lead The Chicago White Sox In 2024?

Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox
Chicago Cubs v Chicago White Sox / John E. Moore III/GettyImages

The Chicago White Sox had several problems in 2023.

Clubhouse dysfunction was one of the biggest problems they suffered from. But there was also a lack of leadership by the players, and players didn’t step up to grab others by the shirt and tell them to get moving and keep going. They didn’t adjust to the circumstances that the White Sox were going through.

Those circumstances just happened to be that they were losing.

Enter 2024 and it’s a whole new “ballgame”. There are new faces in new places and the team has lost some of its old baggage. Now, new players need to step up to be leaders on the team. This didn’t happen last year, and we saw what happened. Now, in 2024, there are plenty of opportunities for leaders to step up and make themselves known.

What makes a good leader? Someone willing to step up and act when something isn’t right. A leader can be someone who supports the wishes of upper management in their efforts to put together a good team and execute whatever it is they need to execute.

There is plenty of room for leadership on the White Sox. And several people know just the guys that should step up and become the leader(s) that the Sox need.

The White Sox need a leader in the infield, the outfield, and in the bullpen.

Now, naturally, we would have thought that Dylan Cease would and should have been the biggest leader on the team. But he is gone and the White Sox need a new leader in the massive group of pitchers that they have to step up and help be a leader.

Who could that be? I could see Michael Kopech leading the bullpen while someone like Michael Soroka, Erick Fedde, or Garrett Crochet leading the starting pitchers' group.

Luis Robert, Jr., should take the outfield and make it his domain. It’s easy to pin him as a leader because he’s the best player on the team. He needs to just grab the other guys, not just in the outfield but across the team and lead them forward. Although he is seemingly somewhat shy, he’s shown flashes of leadership in the past and could easily be a big leader on the Sox.

One might think that the catcher’s position would be a good one for leadership. After all, they see what’s happening all over the field and are one of the most important players on the team. Looking at Max Stassi and Martin Maldonado, I think that you have two guys that could step in and lead the team especially Maldanado. I would look for a lot of leadership to come from that position.

Then there is the infield (without the catcher) and at this time, we don’t know who some of the players might be there. Shortstop Paul DeJong is believed to be the fixture at shortstop this season, and with his age and ability, one could see him becoming a leader. If Mike Moustakas is going to make the roster, then he could easily become a leader. I think it’s a good bet to assume that Moustakas makes the roster and becomes the strongest leader on the team.

Any team needs leadership, and the White Sox are going to need a lot of it. It promises to be a tough season and players are going to have to step up and help get this team through its ups and downs. A leader at each spot on the team is vital for team success. Look for some of the players mentioned, among others, to step up and lead this team through what could be one of its worst seasons in a long time.

But then again, with proper leadership and players rallying to the “cause” for one another, anything is possible. This team could surprise a lot of people when it’s all said and done.